Friday, July 8, 2011


Dirty Old Man
Smarty Pants

Promises, promises. Psssshhh. I know. Failing at blogging more frequently but it's how it goes when you're busy and eternally falling behind on errands and to-do's. Nothing eventful has been going on in recent times, so at least i'm sparing you the boring details of working a 9-5... along with, little to no socializing (as you can see in the above photos). Just been enjoying the married life to the fullest, so taking my sweet ass time in getting back to a somewhat normal routine.

It's blazing hot in LA... gonna do my best to peel our asses outta bed and be more productive versus trying to stay cool in a perpetually hot home. But kinda drawing a blank... Spontaneity is more fun, so maybe just that. As for tonight, tackling laundry and making it a movie night~ So glamorous, i know. Don't be jealous. Happy Friday!

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