Monday, September 26, 2011

Bright Eyes in Hollywood Forever...

...Cemetery (i only wish they were in Hollywood forever. Ha.)

Old Folks.
Mini Grand Piano.
RIP Piano Man.
We're old folks and took a seat away from the immediate front of the stage, but the audio was so good we didn't feel like we missed out on anything. They also played one of my all time faves, 'Land Locked Blues'. I died. The venue was amazing and not spooky at all, despite being at a final resting place for many souls. At least they got free entertainment for the night. We brought blankets, burritos and beer. (My favorite trio of 'B's') 
Highlights of the night:
Bright Eyes playing a lot of their old stuff.
Blankets on the Beach Lawn.
Taking photos in the cemetary and noticing lots of orbs.
Drunk old dude dancing his ass off. (Wish there was enough light to have captured this one but alas, my memories will have to suffice.) Cheers to you ol' man.

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