Friday, April 29, 2011

Bury Me Under a Mound of Shopping Bags... (Round 2)

We All Float On Cardigan

Winter Harlowe
 Camellia or Camilla?
(Its listed differently on different sites :P)

 Higher & Higher
Seraveza:"Hi Everyone, My name is Seraveza and I am an online shopaholic"
*Crowd: "Hi Seraveza..."

Uggh.. Went on a wee binge with online shopping.  And, No! i don't feel incredibly guilty, being only a month away from my wedding.
Eat a bag of dicks.

On the bright side, i don't regret a single purchase. They are all items i love and will wear out. Promise. 

On a side note...I feel old when i realize... "i live for the weekends"
Anyone have a cheezy poster with that quote that they're willing to donate?


  1. The cardigan is great, I would wear it straight away!

    ♠ ♠ ♠

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  3. Thank you Delivery bags~ That is super nice of you to say :) Stop by any time.

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