Thursday, May 5, 2011

'Cuz i felt like it...

The lack in more frequently posting is due to alotta of unexpected turn of events that has since recently consumed my whole life in the past few weeks... and to top off all the overwhelming amounts of stresses and errands i need to run.. i decided to break my ONLY existing external hard drive. sigh. It hurts to even try to remember everything i had saved on it. So, needless to say... i was at my breaking point, where everything negative collectively collided all at once and where i somehow got thru the day and dragged my feet all the way home...  kicking rocks, all the while thinking how things couldn't possibly get any worse... 

Until i reached home and was greeted promptly by this exact set up by the fiance...
"Just Because..."
Such a humbling moment... Just when i couldn't pity myself anymore, my fiance so conveniently brings me back to life.  He couldn't be more amazing if he tried. He duh best.

Apparantly the universe felt bad too... 
The New Faves

...and decided to deliver my shoes 2 days earlier than estimated! Yusss! And a bonus~ they are even better in person and super comfortable. i love when the day starts out miserable only to be reminded that life ain't that goddamn serious all the time. 
Thanks fiance... You're not so bad either, Universe. 
PS. For some reason i always think of these lyrics on shittier days:

"...'cause there's this switch that gets hit

and it all stops making sense

and in the middle of drinks

maybe the fifth or the sixth

I'm completely alone at a table of friends

I feel nothing for them

I feel nothing, nothing."

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