Friday, January 14, 2011

Instant Photography

With all the instant photo camera options out there, i decided to post about the ones that i am mulling over purchasing...
It all started with the iPhone app, 'Polarize'. It basically takes any of your iPhone photos and makes them... you guessed it...  polaroid photo-esque. 

Original Photo:
(Me in SoHo)

Then... Pow! Instant polaroid photo:

This is a super fun application but left me wanting more... So i did a lil research/investigating and here are the top contenders... Still having a hard time making a decision tho...
Any suggestions from people that may have any of the listed?

The Fujifilm Instax 210
Instant Photo Camera
Sample Photo
(Source: Amazon)

Polaroid 300
Classic Instant Camera

Sample Photos:
(Source: Google image search)

GL30 Instant Digital Camera
(No photo samples to share for this one since it's not out on the market yet, but really love the digital camera aspect of this camera... No more wasted photos!)

Which do you think is best?

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