Thursday, January 27, 2011

My ♥

(Our 1st Photobooth Session)

I never posted any pictures of Mr. xx  before, to respect his anonymity, but i have convinced him to cave... Muhahaha! So, at long last... the reveal of Mr. xx...

Ladies & Gentlemen,
The Amazing, Chae
 (NOT Chai or Chee or Shay but Chae,  pronounced like Che Guevara
aka 'The Amazing Chae' to his buddies, true story)
(Dawwwwww~ Ain't he cute?)
(@ Fred 62's; Isn't that onion ring house bag awesome?!)

We actually look nothing like the 1st photo... That's one of the better ones...
So, here is a more accurate portrait of us:
(Kidding! Purchased the teef at a coin machine and wore them all day.
Straight faced at strangers... One of the funniest days of my life... ha! He is prolly the ONLY person alive that would do this with me... i know, i'm so lucky, right?!)

Here's some more of us doin what we do best...
Korean BBQ (nom nom nom)

i adore this boy!
i know~ so queso... ha.

Plus he gets me really original flowers like these:
And not the predictable dozen roses or crappy carnations.

He also brings out the silly in me:
What more could a girl ask for?
Now off to brainstorm invitation ideas with Chae & the best man... This might be a looong night~ making this officially the looongest week ever! Hey Friday! What is taking you so long? *Shakes fist @ air*

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