Friday, January 7, 2011

Outfittings of the Urban

After a Loooong day of work... Cooking dinner w/ the fiance (he is seriously thee most super-mega-radical man whoever lived ♥)... and reading my current book (Women - Bukowski)... and finally relaxing to some 'Dexter' episodes (if you haven't seen this show i strongly recommend you do) i was pleased to flip through the new 'Early Spring- UO catalog! Whee~! i say 'Whee~!' because there are always some pieces that i absolutely am smitten over...  as well as some old picks that i missed somehow...

Here are my 'Early Spring- UO' Picks:

Nom De Plume Shannon Dress
(Love everything about this dress.. So whimsy... Swoon!)

Kimchi Blue Daisy Dropwaist Dress
(Short version of the above... But just got a delivery of something similar from Modcloth... Stay Tuned for that post)

Who We See Mod Wedge
(i really suck at walking in stilettos... I look like Frankenstein when i do~ Ha... So i settle for wedges. These are cute and reasonably priced)

Here are picks that i stumbled across
(not in the Spring Catalog):

On a side note...
Really wanna make a trip to DisneyLand soon... Mentioned it to the fiance and think it might become a reality~! Working for Disney can have its perks ;)  

Off to hang out w/ Mr. xx now... Bed + Catching up on genuinely good shows = Bliss.
To be continued...


  1. The very first dress is amazing!!

  2. Loving the spring UO!! Can't wait!

    Make sure to check out my post on women essentials and comment please!!

    It would mean alot =)


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