Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Clark Gable would have admired...

"Frankly m'dear, i don't give a damn."

The fiance and i recently moved into a very lush and natural area of Los Angeles (Yes, they do exist in LA, Ha.) We're still settling in after living there for a lil over a month. We're both on the busier side so we try to fit in organizing/decorating on our free hours... So hasn't been a whole lot of that. Still, we adore the place and have recently discovered that our home was actually one of the hunting homes of CLARK GABLE! (Eek! I'm kind of a historical LA junkie). There's even supposedly a movie he actually filmed here back when the home was his. Anyone have any ideas of what movie that could be? Apparantly he and his 5-6 wives owned quite a few properties... Anyhoo~ I was pumped on the lil tidbit of information nonetheless. (God, i'm lame.) Now our home is even more charming than before. :)

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