Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Final Destination...

Coat: Juicy Couture
Shirt: Modcloth (My 'Puffy Shirt' Ha.)
Pants: Urban Outfitters
Shoes: Minnetonka
(Seriously live in these shoes since i got 'em... Sooo comfortable!)
A big part of starting this blog was to post about daily street/work wear... and so far, i've been failing miserably. A big part in the lack of doing so is my recent move, wedding planning (eek!) and puppy training. It's taken me a few trial runs to find a spot i would designate to take these outfit posts when at home... (How do fellow bloggers pick such spots?) So, here is the final location (unless i am out and painting towns red, like Carrie.. "They're all gonna laugh at you~!" ha.) 

These are the shots that made the decision... I know they're blurred, but i kinda liked the effect and the greenery in the background... If you scroll up and down really quick i become animated~ By killing myself... ughh. Please excuse the wee wee pads.. Yes, i knew they were there when i took the shots but could really give a fuck about moving them at that moment... Kinda regrettin' it now though... Typical.

I'll quit tomorrow...

Off to veg out to some tv or Netflix, which i recently joined and can't get enough of... Le sigh. And doing my best not to wake my deg... but can't make any promises on that... ;)


  1. love this outfit! So cute!!! <3

  2. I really like this outfit :)
    Compliments :)
    Nice blog!
    I'm a your new follower!
    Hope you follow me back


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