Friday, March 4, 2011

Goodbye Horses...

Not in the creepy 'Silence of the Lambs' way. Ha. Just really thought the title fit my current obsession~

Wild Herd Tunic
Hydro Suede Wedge Boots

One of my downfalls is online shopping. I work a 9 to 5-er so most of my shopping needs to be done online. :T It's gotten to a point where i get anxiety just thinking of going to a shopping center or a shitty mall. Thrift stores are still do-able but just don't have enough time to sort thru the madness for treasures... Soon tho ;) There are tons of amazing stores in LA to choose from...  So, i better get on that. Ha.
Anyhoo~ I am going back and forth with purchasing the above since the top is about $80 and and those boots are about $800! though i love 'em... i am rather cheap. ;) So we will see.
I did get some other goodies tho... They were easier on my wallet...

Living Long Cardigan
Grey Minnetonka Cally Slippers

Fresh Paper Top
 Any online store recommendations?
Pee.Ess: Happy effin' Friday~!

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