Monday, December 20, 2010

Bury Me Under a Mound of Shopping Bags...

Wasn't able to do much over the weekend due to the incessant Los Angeles rain... sigh.

Friday, Mr. xx and i went to his good buddy's birthday dinner. Met a lot of super nice people and had a great night of food and laughs.

Saturday, We spent the entire first half of the day listening to Pandora's Christmas mixes! If you haven't heard 'em, i highly suggest you try it. I, like many, have resisted the urge to purchase those awesome xmas mixtapes.. and now i don't have to.
Then, i was forced to leave the comforts of our cozy room to brave the rain and make it to my facial appointment. After that, i think i slept for pretty much the rest of that day. 0_o

Sunday, i was able to get a little shopping in (Compliments of the future mum-in-law.. i heart her!) We shopped and ate a late lunch together and it was loverly.

Here are the purchases i made:

Cinzia Rocca
Toggle-Front Wool Coat
(This coat reminds me of Paddington Bear)

Rebecca Taylor
Sweet Pea Tie Waist Shirtdress
(Barely into winter and already ready for Spring.. Ha.)

I'll do my best to get some photos up of me in the actual items, but no promises... ;) I tend to take a ton of photos and neglect to upload them til months later. I'll work on it... Promise!

How was everyone's weekend?
Are you ready for the holiday madness? Can't believe Christmas is this week already!

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